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International Patients

  • International standard at par with European & American hospitals.
  • Low cost treatment, better outcome.
  • Highly experienced BMT Experts.
  • Dedicated teams for International Patients.

Core Values

Customer Focus

  • Understanding the needs of internal and external customers i.e. service providers and service seekers and the objectives of providing these services
  • Listening to customers and assigning highest priorities to their satisfaction
  • Focussing on customer rather than personal needs
  • Looking at work issues from customer's point of view


  • Appreciating other's perspective, feelings and concerns
  • Sensitivity to needs and motives of other people
  • Understanding the impact of his/her action on others


  • Consistency of actions and behavior
  • Demonstration of intellectual and financial integrity
  • Following commitments and assuming responsibility for mistakes


  • Willingness and ability to share responsibility and take ownership of the team's output
  • Flexible and accommodative nature
  • Understanding the impact of every action on the team members
  • Breaking down barriers and network across team functions and layers
  • Trusting others and encouraging good behavior
  • Concern for totality (results) rather than only parts (tasks) Investing in personal growth and development of each team member
  • Encouraging and promoting shared ownership and team's vision and goals